2024 Pricing and Policies
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Cabins Fall 2023 Ice Early Summer Mid-Late Summer Fall 2024 Ice 2025
  October 1–Mid November 2023 January 1–Late March 2024 Fishing Opener–July 6th 2024 July 6th–September 30 2024 October 1–Mid November 2024 January 1–Late March 2025

1 – Bedroom Cabins

(max 2 guests)

Cabin 1 CLOSED CLOSED $1015 wk./ $200 day $900 wk. / $175 day CLOSED CLOSED
Cabin 9 CLOSED CLOSED $1015 wk./ $200 day $900 wk. / $175 day CLOSED CLOSED

2 – Bedroom Cabins

(max 5 guests)

Cabin 2 CLOSED CLOSED $1450 wk./ $300 day $1200 wk./ $275 day CLOSED CLOSED
Cabin 3 CLOSED CLOSED $1450 wk./ $300 day $1200 wk./ $275 day CLOSED CLOSED
Cabin 6 CLOSED CLOSED $1450 wk./ $275 day $1200 wk./ $275 day CLOSED CLOSED
Cabin 8 CLOSED CLOSED $1450 wk./ $300 day $1200 wk./ $275 day CLOSED CLOSED
Cabin 11 (has A/C) $1595 wk./ $260 day $1300 wk./ $260 day $1575wk./ $325 day $1400 wk./ $300 day $1300 wk./ $260 day $1300 wk./ $260 day

3 – Bedroom Cabins

(max 6 guests)

Cabin 4 CLOSED CLOSED $1975 wk./ $350 day $1750 wk./ $325 day CLOSED CLOSED
Cabin 5 (has A/C) $2335 wk./ $400 day $1995 wk./$400 day $2450 wk./ $500 day $2100 wk./ $475 day $1995 wk./ $400 day $1995 wk./$400 day
Cabin 7 CLOSED CLOSED $1500 wk./ $325 day $1250 wk./ $300 day CLOSED CLOSED

4- Bedroom Cabins

(max 8 guests)

Cabin 10 (has A/C) $1980 wk./ $400 day $1800 wk./ $375 day $2100 wk./ $425 day $1950 wk./ $400 day $1800 wk./ $375 day $1800 wk./ $375 day
Cabin 14 (has A/C) $2385 wk./ $425 day $2100 wk./ $425 day $2450wk./ $525 day $2300 wk./ $500 day $2100 wk./ $425 day $2100 wk./ $425 day

7 – Bedroom Cabins

(max 14 guests)

Cabin 12 $3225 wk./ $550 day $2850 wk./ $550 day $3300 wk./ $625 day $3000 wk./$550 day $2850 wk./ $550 day $2850 wk./ $550 day

** A charge of $40 per person per day will be charged for exceeding maximum occupancy.

Resort amenities include: Full marina, bait, gas, ice cream, store for sundries and clothing, coin-laundry, pavilion for parties or games with large screen TV, heated pool, horseshoe pits, lawn games, 150’ fishing pier, complimentary golf carts for those with mobility issues, playground, bounce house, pizza party Sundays, and Tie-Dye Tuesdays. We have resort-wide Wifi and DirectTV. Amenities are subject to availability. If any amenities become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, it does not warrant any type of discount.

All cabins require a minimum of 3-night stay except for walleye opener. A deposit of 25% of your pre-tax vacation total is required at time of booking. Due to online booking, we can not hold reservations without a deposit.

**All rates are subject to 7.875% MN Sales Tax, 3.0% Lodging Tax, and 3.0% credit card fee. Kids under 2 stay free. Guests of guests will be subject to a $50 per person per day fee and must register at the office. Rates may fluctuate at any time and for any reason.

**Cancellation policy – if you cancel for any reason, your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, though it can be transferred to another cabin in the same season.  If you totally cancel within 30 days of your reservation and we are unable to rent the vacant cabin/boat, you will be responsible for the entire vacation amount.  That amount will be charged to the credit card on file.  We will help re-schedule your reservation once.  There will be a convenience fee of $40 for re-scheduling more than once. By putting down a deposit, you are agreeing to these terms.

***PET POLICY*** – If you bring your dog with you to Bowstring Shores, you are required to bring leakproof bedding to cover our furniture. Pet fees are $30/day or $175/week. Two dogs maximum. Breed restrictions on aggressive breeds or very large dogs.  If we have to pick up after your pet, there will be a $50 charge for doing so. Dogs must be leashed at all times outside cabins. Dogs must NOT sleep on our bedding. It’s impossible to get the hair out. If you must sleep with your dog (we get it) you must bring your own bedding. For our full pet policy, please read our guest policies on our website.  We love dogs, and what kind of a vacation would it be without them? We understand!

Rental Boats

Rental Boats HP Daily Price Weekly Price
2021 Lund SSV 16’ 15/20 $125 $600
2019 Lund Adventure 17’ 70 $210 $900
2016 Lund Rebel 17’ 70 $210 $900
2011 Lund Alaskan 17’ 60 $210 $900
2017 20’ Sweetwater Pontoon 70 $250 $1000
2022 20’ Sweetwater Fishing Pontoon 90 $275 $1250
Large boat lift N/A $35 $175

**All boats must be on a lift or out of the water when not in use. You cannot “tie up” to the dock. We are on the windy side of the lake and boats/docks will be damaged. Lifts are equipped with a powered extension cord.

** All boats have life jackets, fish finders, anchors, nets, and one tank of gas.  If you need more gas, simply ask for however many gallons you need, and we will fill you up and put that amount on your bill.  We use only premium non-oxy fuel at the docks.

Ice Houses

Ice Houses Number of Holes Comfortably Seats Price
Black 6 2-3 $150/day
Red 6 2-3 $150/day
White 10 4-5 $200/day

** Ice houses are subject to availability, ice conditions, and weather conditions.  We cannot guarantee availability, so it’s best to have another plan.  The best fishing success on Bowstring Lake is a portable fish shelter. You should have a 4WD truck to get you out to our houses or use our ice roads. We are not responsible for you once you leave land. NO ICE IS SAFE ICE.

Our ramp will only accommodate single axle ice houses because of its steep slope. Lake access fees are $20 per vehicle and $10 for ice houses/trailers.  For park and ride, access is $20 per vehicle which includes your parking, use of our roads, and use of our heated fish cleaning room. 3-day weekend passes are $50 for vehicles and $75 for vehicles and ice houses. 3-day passes are vehicle specific.

Our road system goes ½ mile South and creates a loop around a 30-foot hole, North ½ mile around a small rock pile, and North 2 miles to Perch Point. SPEED LIMIT IS 10MPH!


Bowstring Shores Resort – 49231 Cty. Rd. 173, Deer River MN, 56636
Ph: (218) 832-3101 Email: megan@bowstringshores.com